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Gods most beautiful creation what can it be?

Nature? City life? But I say another thing

from her large breast down to her thick thighs

and those juicy legs belong to me my self and only I

coated in honey of which it tastes best

I hold her in my hands while softly I caress

from her soft skin of which I solemnly adore

and her beautiful aroma of which I cant ignore

I enjoy her Monday Tuesday Wens, Thurs., or the Fri

my love she is always a main course and never a side.

Bar B Qued, baked, grilled, fried or rotisserie

O how much I love and adore chicken wings

of all the countless times of which I spend

on thanksgiving, or Christmas or memorial day weekend

a plate stacked high with only chicken for myself

(because when chickens that good you don’t need to eat anything else)

from the meat to the bones and even the skin

Ill speed drive to mcDonald just to get a Mc Chicken

with the sauce on the side (thats how I do it)

the total comes to 1.35.........( tax included)

Speaking of MC-Donalds “ baa da Baa im loving it”

I go to Popeye’s or KFC and eat chicken by the bucket

and it feels so good when it hits my stomach chicken

is the only self pleasure allowed in public

god created chicken for a reason I say

jesus died and ate chicken, then he rose on the third day

from the creature of god comes the devils sin of gluttony

gods most beautiful creation.... Chicken it be

The Victor Brown


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