The Batman Voice during sex...

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first of all i want to say that the funniest things in life are true and i bring u a true tale...

me and this girl had sex. and she told me i was the best... but i was funny because i would talk n laugh... and joke around while i was fucking.

so one day we watched the Dark Night... when it first came out... and u know that voice that batman does. well i kept doing that voice all day around my friends ( because i though it was cool) so that night... we fucked again and i started to do the batman voice.

i kept sayin shit like "" how does that feel"" "" batman loves pussy"" """ do u like that""" "" ha ha ha im batman""""" r u my batgirl""".

and the whole time she kept saying stop but i kept on going and fucking her and eventually she had to deal with it. so anywas... i aksed her "" where would u like me to cum""" and she says i dont know...

so i told her in the voice i said """ ha ha... now either u tell batman where specifically to cum before i cum.. or i cum somewhere where u wont like it.""

she said aight boy... dont do nothin stupid... i told her in the voice """ where do u want the bat juice at""she didnt answer...

she was in the mood ( remember we are having sex) so i pulled out and guess where i came??

go on guess???

i came on her face.. not the whole face just one side..

so she is sittng there with cum on one side her face and she is mad and she says.. what the fuck . why u do that..

and i said ( in the batman voice) "BECAUSE IM BATMAN AND NOW YOUR TWO-FACE""

i swear this is true...


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by Daniel W. 1+ years ago

Funny, but sounds like this guy came by thinking of batman.

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CJBZL_The Batman Voice during sex...

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