A Question to Enter Heaven!

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3 Guys have just died! They meet up at the gates of heaven. The gate keeper tells them, "if you want to enter heaven, you have to tell me how you died and I will tell you if you can enter." The first guy come up and says, "I just have a stressful day at work. When I arrived home to my 25th level apartment, I have a sneeky feeling that my wife was cheating on me. So I open the front door quitely, krept into the house, busted the bedroom door open, to find my wife naked in bed, covered in sheets. I started to look for the dude she was cheating with, I looked under the bed, in the closet, nothing. All of a sudden, I has a guy hanging off the balcony. I grabbed a hammer and started to bash his hand in. He fell 25 levels and landed in bushes. Some how, he was still alive. I picked up the fridge, threw it over the edge and killed him. For all the anxiety, I died!" The gate keeper let him in. The second guy comes up, he says, "I was doing gymnastics on my 26th level balcony apartment. I accidently slipped off the edge and grabbed the 25th level balcony. All of a sudden, this maniac starts beating my hands in, I fell 25 stories and landed in a pile of bushes. Suprisingly i was alive! I look up and a fridge lands on top of my head." The gate keeper lets him in. The third guy comes up and says, "picture this, I was in the fridge!"


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