yo mama

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yo mama so fat that she got her own area code yo mama ugly her job is to turn canabels into veggetiarenians


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by Lee W. 1+ years ago

For the love of god use a spell checker

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by rachel s. 1+ years ago

Wow, and after i wasted all that time clicking on it. One line that not only isn't funny now, but wasn't funny in 1968 when it was first said.

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by Laura A. 1+ years ago

yo momma jokes are not funny they are stupid and unoriginal. I REALLY don't see what's supposed to be funny about this joke? is it the fact that it sounds like an insult? or the fact that you can't spell "cannibals" and "vegetarians" or is it the gang talk? I just don't find these type of jokes amusing. yes I am ranting and I have a good reason for it too >.>

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by Jack A. 1+ years ago

Never post on this site again.

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by Cary G. 1+ years ago

Terrible. And bad spelling as well!

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by justin o. 1+ years ago

Well. that was kinda suckish. Next time add grammar and split the sentences. ~ Yo mama so fat she was rated number five by Gabriel Iglesias! ~ and i quote "DAMN!"

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by Amer A. 1+ years ago

sure this was bad, but i dont want to be a huge jerk

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by Duckerdoo 1+ years ago

Yo mama so fat, cause she was pregnant with De'Jah M. Yo mama so ugly, cause she's a De'Jah M look alike. You don't want me talking about your mom like that? Then stop talking about my mom like that. Mama jokes are actually insults.

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by De'Jah M. 1+ years ago

thtas awsome i won a contest with that one

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by a. l. 1+ years ago


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by Judah E. 1+ years ago

Wow two jokes in one sentence...and with a bunch of words spelled wrong too... And besides, Yo Mama jokes just aren't that funny. Especially by all those losers who don't even bother to capitalize their sentences or use any grammar at all. And by now, pretty much every one is a remake.

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by Patricia R. 1+ years ago


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CJAEP_yo mama

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