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There was once a girl. She had a rare disease that caused random scabs and puss to appear on her skin. Every day, she had to pick off the scabs and extract the puss. She kept both in glass jars in the closet.

She had a boyfriend that loved her because of who she was not because of her body. Unfortunately her parents didnt approve of him.

One day, the boyfriend came over and they snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie.

Suddenly they saw the parents coming up the driveway.

Quickly, the boy jumped into the closet.

When the parents entered, the girl greeted them with a "Hi mom and dad!"

They looked at her suspiciously and the father said "We came back to find my wallet."

"Ok" replied the girl, "I'll help find it"

After about 30min of searching they found it and the parents left.

The girl let the boy out of the closet and the boy said "I hope you dont mind if i had some of the chip & dip you had in there......."

The girl went Pale and asked "Uhm, Chip & Dip?"

The boy said "Yeah these ones,"

He held up a jar of scabs and a jar of puss...


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