time goes slow??

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There was an english man, an irish man and a scottish man. One day all three of them was walking through the park when they saw this drop dead gorgeous lady. As they kept staring at her she ended up coming to them and saying 'i tell you what if you get your watch chucked it over that hill run after it and catch it i'll marry you.' So the English man chucked his watch ran up the hill and down it to try and catch it but by the time he got there it was already smashed on the floor. So the irish man did the same chucked his watch ran up and down the hill but the watch was smashed. so then it was the scottish mans turn, so he chucked his watch up in the air ran up the hill and down it and catched it! 'Well done' said the lady "i guess i'll be marrying you then' 'How did you do it?' asked the other two men 'Easy set my clock an hour back.


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