the docter and the son

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a boy and a father are in a car crash. the father dies and the boy get hurt and needs surgery to recover. the boy is on the hospital bed and the doctor walks in and says, "i cant perform surgery on this child! he is my son!" how is this possible? check the bottom for the answer.>>>>

the doctor was the boys mother! trick your friends with this one! nobody ever gets it!


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by Somik K. 1+ years ago

There should be a option to bann members who are just wasting our time...

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by Vince V. 1+ years ago

it may have been new to me, but still not funny, i got it before the stupid punchline, obviously the doctor was his mom, the dad was dead, who the hell else would it be?

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by Duke A. 1+ years ago

Sarah d. do us all a favor and stop submitting, nothing of yours is funny. Or in this case, new.

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by Smeagol69 1+ years ago

Heard it about 30 years ago!

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by emma w. 1+ years ago

heard before. theif

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CJ36M_the docter and the son

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