proud of my son?

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4 men were playing golf, and one of them walked off to go and collect the golf balls because they had just finished their game. The other 3 started to walk back, and while they were walkingthey started talking about their sons.

"I'm proud of my son," says one "he owns a business that sells cars, and he's doing so well that recently he was able to give his best friend a car a gift."

"That's nothing," says another, "my son owns a company that sells and builds houses, and recently he gave his best friend a house."

"Well," chimes in the last man, "my son owns a big internet company, and he gave his best friend two portfolioes."

The man who left to get the balls catches up, and the others tell him tht they were just talking about how proud they were of their sons.

"I'm not very proud of my son," he says "he has no job and i recently found out he was gay. However he must be good at what he does because his 3 privious boy friends have given him a car, a house, and portfolio."


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