Yo Mummy jokes

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Your mum is so fat...

Her blood type is sugar

When she stepped on the scales it said to be continued

People cut off her rolls and feed Africa

When i had sex with her i rolled over twice and i was still on the biatch

Her shadow weighs 100 pounds

Yo momma is so ugly...

When she visited the zoo the zoo keeper tried to put her back in the cage

They put her face in dough to make monster cookies

When she went to a stripper bar they paid her to keep her clothes on ("That got you to college")

Her mono brow is longer than the great wall of China

She uses a line of make-up called 'why bother'

Yo momma is so dumb...

She tripped over a cordless phone

When she got locked in a supermarket she starved to death because she was waiting for someone to serve her

She got hit by a parked car

She sat on the tv and watched the couch

Yo momma is so old...

Her birth certificate says expired

She sat behind Jesus in the third grade


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