Sexy Picnic

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by Roastedzergling D. 1+ years ago

yea take the excedrin too just in case u accidentally smash her head into a jagged rock

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by Andy P. 1+ years ago

wait... i see fuses in there. not car fuses either. why the fuck would i need a box of spare fuses to go on a picknick? planning on over-amping your stereo along the way?

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by GABY G. 1+ years ago


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by indii w. 1+ years ago

lol, anyone else c the batteries??

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by christian i. 1+ years ago

to bad this wasn't there on my last picnic

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by Roxxie R. 1+ years ago

is the excedrin for in case she gets a "headache"

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CIXFM_Sexy Picnic

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