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by Tre' H. 1+ years ago

so true......*sniff* so horribly true....

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by kaitlyn m. 1+ years ago

lol one more year and it all ends

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by ashiee f. 1+ years ago

i know when im done with high school ima cry most of my friends have already finished and i dont see them often it sucks that most of my friends are gone but its cool like one of my best friends just made the cover of the local news paper and his like life story and shit was there it made me cry because i was sad but also because i was and am proud of him... love ya ray!!!

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by Ann C. 1+ years ago

I understand that one completely. I would give anything to go back to school and not have to work all the damn time.

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by Duckerdoo 1+ years ago

No more college parties for you. Now it's all work from there.

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by Kristen R. 1+ years ago

That's just messed up. Funny, but messed up.

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