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by KrazyPshyco M. 1+ years ago

But now its over and we have to deal with it...

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by Angela N. 1+ years ago

actually the pyramids wer not built by slaves, they wer built by farmers wen it was not harvestig season and soldiers whe they wer not at war

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by kunal p. 1+ years ago

wat r u talking about? of course they were built by slaves. thousands of them! do u hav any idea how heavy the individual stones r?

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by Geofforini 1+ years ago

The point is that slavery may be evil, but hey, looked what it's accomplished. too bad the pyramids weren't actually built by slaves...

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by christian i. 1+ years ago

i don't get it

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by Ellie p. 1+ years ago

thats fuckin hilarious

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