retarted escape plan

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One day, 3 retarted guys in jail decided to escape.

So, their leader (Dick) made up a plan. The last part of the plan was: "once we get to the front gate, we kill the guard and run!"

And later on the same night, they began to escape. After 2 hours they get to the front gate but Dick says "O crap! We faild!!" his friend asks "Why?" Dick replies "Look dumbass, there is no guard to kill... so we faild, lets go back and think of a new plan"


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by Shauna S. 1+ years ago

its ok

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by Classified K. 1+ years ago

This may have bad rating and it may be a stupid joke, but i laghed pretty hard when i looked at it. :)

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by Samuel V. 1+ years ago

lets face it. Terri a Crystal, it just wasn't funny

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by Dashelle S. 1+ years ago

and if "failed" was spelled right..

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by Terri S. 1+ years ago

maybe this would be funny is retarded was spelled right...

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