My letter to the IRS

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Finally, I have had the time to meet with my tax attorney.

Unfortunately, he did not agree with your audit's finding.

Clearly, there is an error in the numbers.

Klein and Associates will be in touch shortly.

Yesterday I was reviewing my records, and I agree.

Our tax debt is no where near $120,000.

Unless my numbers are wrong, we owe 10,000.

In a couple of weeks, I would like to meet you.

Review the records I have, and check your numbers.

Something must be done to correct this situation.


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by jeania b. 1+ years ago

HAHAHA...i didn't get it at first...but dang that was hilarous! Good one!

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by Roy T. 1+ years ago

If you don't get the joke- look at the first letter of each line!!!

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CIPVU_My letter to the IRS

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