Ralph the Department Store Parrot

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Bob's uncle owned the big old department store dowtown. After years of decline, the store closed, and He decided to give his nephew Ralph, a parrot that was the stores mascot.

Bob took Ralph home, and set up his large cage in the living room. He soon discovered Ralphs unusual talent. As he was preparing to play tennis, the parrot seeing him wearing his tennis outfit, and carrying his bag and raquets yelled "aaaaaaarrrrr, Sporting Goods, Tennis Balls and Raquets, 4th floor!"

Bob went out and played a couple of matches, and returned to his apartment covered in sweat, and smelling terrible. Upon seeing this, Ralph yelled "aaaaaaaaaaarrrrr, Bathing supplies and soap, 3rd floor!"

After taking a shower, Bob goes out on a date with a girl he had met a few days before. They had a good time at dinner, and when he brought her home, the mood was right for some fun. He opened the door, and the two walked into the apartment, kissing. Seeing this, Ralph perked up and yelled "aaaaaaaarrrr, Penecillin and Herpes Cream, Pharmacy, 6th floor!"


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by Kieran w. 1+ years ago

bah not even funny, kind of obvious where it was going

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by trishna r. 1+ years ago

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CIO2J_Ralph the Department Store Parrot

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