Dont be discusting

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Luke and Charles earned a fortune by working for rival merchant banks. They had known each other for several years and they went to an expensive restaurant , charging the bill to their empolyers. After one such meal, as they were leaving the reataurant , Charles almost steped on some dog poo."I bet you wouldnt dare pick a bit up and eat it" said Luke. "Dont be discusting" replied Charles. "You must be drunk. Anywayz , wat would you bet?" "$150,000"said Luke Charles thought about the offer. He knew that Luke could well afford the bet, so he said "OK , I'll do it" Charles pick a tiny bit of the dog poo and put it in his mouth and swallowed it " Yuk!!!" he said as Luke took out his cheque book and gave him a cheque. A short while l8r , they ancountered anothor dog poo. Charles looked at Luke and said"i bet you $150,000 that you wont eat that dog poo" " your on" said Luke. he took some dog poo and put it in his mouth and then Charles gave Luke a cheque. Luke said " you know we both ate dog poo tonight , and i cant see that either of us id any better off" "of course we are!!" said Charles "we've just done $300,000 worth of trade."


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