Should be banned from the dictionary!

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Nothing means what it is supposed to anymore. Incase there is some random person learning proper English, watch out for these sayings. Things are not as they appear... you do... : do I?

...anyway... : I cant go any way, I have to go the way this is going. he's all like... : ussually this is followed by what somebode said. It needs to be an adjective.

Shut Up! : Shut up the shop for the night?

Whatever. : It is not a question.

Carry on. : You can not carry on, on is not an object.

I don't think so. : Either you know so or you are trying to get out of something you did.

Thats rank. : Rank what? 252 on the who has got the tidiest bathroom leaderboard.

Thats sick. : No it isn't. It is not being sick, is it?

I'm bored. : No you are not bored. Your name is [insert your name here]

That's wrong. : It isn't, you just made it sound rude.

There are others, but do we care? Most of these will have made it into the dictionary by the time you read this, so I don't know why I bothered.

See I just used a one myself!!!

I don't know why I bothered. : I do, but the outcome was not what I expected.


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CIKEY_Should be banned from the dictionary!

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