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Four guys are applying for a job. Only one of them can make it though. So the boss of the company decided to ask them a few questions. The last question decided everything:

What did they think was the fastest thing in the world?

The first man replies: "It's electricity. It moves from one point, to another instantly."

The second man replies: "Its the human thought. We can think of new things in an instant!"

The third man replies: "It's the human blink. It's so fast that we don't even notice that we do it!"

The final man replies: "It's diarrhea!"

The boss says: "Can you explain yourself?"

The man says: "Of course. Before you have the time to think, blink or turn on your light, you already crapped yourself!"

...That man got the job!


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by Jawad J. 1+ years ago

LOL!! I love this one! when I told it to my friends they couldnt stop laughing!

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