Gorilla Removers

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A woman is standing at her sink washing dishes when she looks out her window and sees a gorilla in her tree. Shocked, she gets a phone book and looks for "Gorilla Removers". Sure enough, she finds a number and calls for help. The guy who answered told her he'd be there within the hour.

He pulls up half an hour later in a pick up truck, and he unloads a ladder, a rope, a ferocious dog, and a shotgun. Then he says to the woman, "Alright, I'm gonna climb the ladder, shake the branch, and the gorilla will fall. The ferocious dog will bite him on his balls to stun him. Then I'll tie him up with the rope, and we'll be out of here."

The man heads towards the tree when the woman stops him. "What's the shotgun for?" She asks.

The man pauses. "Oh yeah. I forgot --- that's the most important part! Sometimes, when I shake the branch, the gorilla shakes back and I fall instead. If that's the case, you take that shotgun and you shoot that goddamn dog!"


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