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arrowI'm guessing she had a lot of practice.


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by KrazyPshyco M. 1+ years ago

Oh you can handle those small sausages but you couldnt handle me really come on...

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by emily e. 1+ years ago

LOL they're raw sausages....and she's dribbling. If that is what is classified as a turn on, count me out.

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by Brayden W. 1+ years ago

Haha it says "Tricky Dick" in the background

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by Brandon L. 1+ years ago

that says puke ALL over it

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by Leah F. 1+ years ago

aww what a whore

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by tori l. 1+ years ago

lol at the "im guessing she had a lot of practice".. DANG.. she'll get a date in no time.

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