Sunday School

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Okay, so Cindy and Randy are going to Sunday school. They sit down and the teacher starts talking. Cindy falls asleep, and then the teacher asks a question. She says " Who created the earth?" Just then, Randy jabs Cindy in her back with a pencil. She jumps up and says GOD ALMIGHTY! The teacher said very good.

Cindy fell asleep again when the teacher was talking, until finally she asked another question. She asked," Who is our savior?" Again, Randy jabbed her with his pencil. She jumped up and shouted JESUS CHRIST! The teacher said very good again.

Well, Cindy still fell asleep again during the discussion. The teacher had another question, which was" What did Eve say to Adam after they had their 23rd baby?" Then again Randy jabbed Cindy, and this time she jumped up and screamed," IF YOU PUT THAT FUCKIN THING IN ME ONE MORE TIME, I'LL BREAK IT IN HALF!!!


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