Samrt blonde!!

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A blone and a lawyer are sitting next to each other on a flight. The lawyer turns to the blonde and asks would you like to play a game? The blonde being tired politely declines and turns to the window to catch a few winks. The lawyer turns to her and explains the game. "I'll ask you a question if you dont know the answer you give me £5.00 and vise versa" The blonde again politely declines. The lawyer then says " Ok, if you dont know the answer you pay £5.00, if i dont know the answer i will pay you £500.00." The blonde finally gives in knowing that the torment wont end until she plays. The lawyer goes first " How far away is earth from the moon" The blonde thinks for a bit then reaches into her purse and pulls out £5.00 and gives it to the lawyer. "Your turn" says the lawyer "Ok, what goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four legs?" After the lawyer researching on the internet and using his mobile for help, he gets frustrated and e-mails his friends for help with no replys. After a few hours of searching he wakes up the blonde and gives her £500.00. "Thankyou" says the blonde and turns to go back to sleep. "Well?" says the lawyer "Whats the answer" The blonde then turns around pulls out her purse again and gives him £5.00.


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