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A flat-chested young lady went to Dr. Smith about enlarging her tiny breasts. Dr. Smith advised her, "Every day after your shower rub your chest and say, "Scooby doobie doobies, I want bigger boobies."

She did this faithfully for several months and it worked! She grew terrific D-cup boobs! One morning she was running late, got on the bus and in a panic realised she had forgotten her morning ritual.

Frightened she might lose her lovely boobs if she didn’t recite the little rhyme, she stood right there in the middle aisle of the bus closed her eyes and said, "Scooby doobie doobies, I want bigger boobies."

A guy sitting nearby looked at her, "By any chance, are you a patient of Dr. Smith’s?" "Why, yes I am... How did you know?" He leaned closer, winked and whispered, "Hickory dickory dock..."


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by Tom R. 1+ years ago

I like this one because it standout from a lot of the mainstream jokes :)

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by tony w. 1+ years ago

me and my friends are dying from laughter!

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by kane s. 1+ years ago

i would do, " hickory dickory dock, i want no cock " cauz i wanna b female

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by j d. 1+ years ago

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ....... that is very good!

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by Dave M. 1+ years ago

oh my god thats funny

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by kirk d. 1+ years ago


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by Julian S. 1+ years ago


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by clinton m. 1+ years ago

"hickory dickory dock i want a bigger cock "

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