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One day Michael Jackson, Zac Efron, and Matthew McConnaughey died by getting hit by an 18-wheeler. They went to heaven to be judged by God.

"Now I only have one rule here; you must never step on a pink cloud."

The trio just shrugged and went on their way.

One day, Matthew McConnaughey stepped on a pink cloud, and there was this fugly lady attatched to him.

"Dude, what happened to you?" Zac Efron asked.

"I stepped on a pink cloud," Matthew replied.

Another day, Zac stepped on a pink cloud and there was a really, really fugly lady attached to him.

"Stepped on a pink cloud, huh?" Matthew said, still with the ugly lady attached to him.

"Yeah," Zac replied.

The next day, Michael Jackson came back with a beautiful lady attached to him.

In awe, the two other boys asked, "What happened?!?!"

The lady replied, "I stepped on a pink cloud."


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