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A heterosexual white couple entered a gay bar to meet a friend who was babysitting their son before watching a movie. The movie was starting in 30 minutes so they were in a rush. They drank a few cups of scotch and the wife began to feel sick. The couple were becoming anxious, as the movie was starting within 10 minutes. Just then, a disturbing white male, the friend they had been waiting for, and their son then entered the bar. The waiting husband questioned the friend as to why he had something sticky covering his face. The man was disgusted realizing that he had recently been performing gay sex. The man became angered and asked the son what had happened. The son replied "Landon told me that if i didn't cum quick we would miss the movie"


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by Kevin I. 1+ years ago

wow dude did u get these things off a website or some shit?

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CI8ZA_Gay Bar

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