I wanna have a good job!

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Little kids do funny things. When I was little, it was the time where all little girls wanted to be fairy princesses and all the little boys wanted to be astronauts or firefighters. You seee, I was different. My mother told me that when I grow up I had to make a living so I told her I wanted a good job and if she could give me suggestions. She said a couple of things, but the one that stuck out was a CEO. So when the teacher started asking us, half the class said fairy princesses and the other half said astronauts. When she came to me, I blinked innocently. “I want to be a COE.” And the teacher started laughing so hard we thought she would have a heart attack. Later, she asked me why. I told her it was a good job. That’s why. She asked me if I knew what they did. I told her it was a job. And then she nodded and tried to stop laughing. Adults never understand kids…


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by Suzanne P. 1+ years ago

cute ^_^

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by Jefferson J. 1+ years ago


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CI4WT_I wanna have a good job!

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