I didn't do my homework because.....

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I didn’t do my homework because…

• I didn’t do my history homework because I don’t believe in dwelling in the past

• I didn’t do my math homework because I have a solar calculator and it was cloudy!

• I felt it wasn’t challenging enough

• I didn’t want to add to your already heavy workload

• I was attacked by a flock of birds who mistook dandruff for breadcrumbs

• Homework? I thought you said housework! I stayed up all last night and cleaned the house!

• My mom used it as a dryer sheet

• I used the new invisible paper and now I can't find it.

• I did do my homework you never said I had to bring it.

• I had mistaken it as my want list and sent it to Santa Claus

• I did my homework and even did extra credit but then I woke up and their was a house burning down next door so I dropped my back pack by the house and ran to save everyone and when I was done saving the day I forgot that my backpack was still by the fire I ran to get it and when I got it back the only thing burnt was the homework!

• My dads having an affair, my mum is on cocaine and my younger brother has run away because of domestic violence. What was it you wanted again?

• I was going to but the voices in my head told me to clean my guns instead

• I didn’t want the other kids in my class to look bad

• I had to bail mom out of jail again.

• I lost it while fighting a kid who said you WEREN’T the best teacher in the school


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CI3GC_I didn't do my homework because.....

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