Old Lady

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A large male walks into a bar and sees a jar full of $5 notes. He asks the bartender what it was. The bartender said "it's a challenge, put $5 in the jar and complete 3 challenges and you get the whole jar full of money. You have to skull a bottle of taquila without showing any emotion, you see that door over there? Behind it is a dog with a sore tooth and you have to pull it out." The male looked at the door and saw it shaking violently with a dog barking behind it, he knew the dog was massive and vishous. " The 3rd thing you have to do is.. Well, upstairs theres my mother.. She hasn't been 'pleased' in a while.." The male shattered, "I'll pass" he said.

After a couple of drinks the male felt pretty confident in himself. He placed $5 in the jar and started to skull the bottle of taquila. His face stoned with tears running down his face he managed to do it. He slammed down the bottle and staggered towards the door with the dog behind it and entered. People in the bar could hear the dog yelping in pain, as if it was crying.

After a few minutes the male boots open the door with the dog under his arm and shouts "ALLRIGHT - WHERES THE OLD LADY WITH THE SORE TOOTH?"


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