The Wishing Cliff

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There was a blonde, a red head, and a brunette.

There was this cliff, and the legend was that if you jumped off the cliff and yelled something you would land in what you yelled. Sooooo...

When the blonde jumped off, she yelled "Gold" and landed in a huge pile of gold coins.

When the red head jumped off she yelled "money!" and she landed in a heaping pile of money.

When the brunette jumped off, she stubbed her toe right before she jumped off and responded to the pain by yelling "crap!'.

Guess what she landed in...


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Submitter's Comments

by Sarah H. 04/03/08 01:31 PM

This joke is actully not stereotypical at all.

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by Klanes L. 1+ years ago

in my oppinion they are all stupid i would have wished for wish powder

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by Jessica W. 1+ years ago

The phrase is dumb blonde not dumb brunette. I enjoy making fun of blondes more!

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by Julia Z. 1+ years ago

thank you for switching the blonde and the burnett. i am the redhead so i always have it made

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CHZWE_The Wishing Cliff

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