Cat-duck... dack?

And this is what 10 years of genetic breeding has brought us, gentlemen....

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arrowIs it a cat, is it a duck, no its a... both, actually...


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by Stan S. 04/03/08 01:00 PM


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by Kristen C. 1+ years ago


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by meghann a. 1+ years ago

this is like the alligator-suck mix. why is it so common to mix other animals with ducks?

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by Allison S. 1+ years ago

that's legitt(;

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by Jason M. 1+ years ago

how does it take a dump?

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by Andrew D. 1+ years ago

how about calling it a ca-ck?

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by Daniel H. 1+ years ago

Its abit lik a cat and a duck got marred and they shagged and thats ther baby! looks mor like f*** poo!

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by katie k. 1+ years ago


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CHZTB_Cat-duck... dack?

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