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Ok I recently found this on funny and I could not resist correcting it...

If the Earth is round, how does everything stay flat down? *Is this an actual question? GRAVITY*

What's at the edge of the universe? If it's a wall what on the other side? *Ok the universe is endless, it has no beginning and no end*

Is gravity pulling or pushing us down? How could you know? *Pulling down. Ever try to get out of bed in the morning?*

They say noon is the middle of the day..They also say that a day isn't really twenty-four hours...So when is the middle of the day? *The day is 24.7 hours long. If you wanted to be a pain probably 12:15pm*

Two fathers and two sons enter a bike store to buy a bike for each of them... they only come out with three bikes?how? *Easy. One is the grandfather of the other's son. He's the father to the father, his son and his son's son.*

Dee Duh Deee


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Submitter's Comments

by Dark Enchantment 03/29/08 08:20 PM

If you are the author of the original and this offends you I apologize... But seriously have you even finished middle school?

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by Patricia R. 1+ years ago

science geeks

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by Dashelle S. 1+ years ago

I agree. Who asks these stupid questions? Oh, and Gravity both pulls and pushes, because pulling is actually pushing. Hard to explain. Take Physics 1.

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