Birthday Miracles

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Birthday Miracles...

All of his life Len from Newfoundland had heard stories of an amazing family tradition. It seems that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather had all been able to walk on water on their 21st birthday. On that day, they'd walk across the lake to the boat club for their first legal drink.

So when Len's 21st birthday came around, he and his pal Corky took a boat out to the middle of the lake. Len stepped out of the boat and nearly drowned!

Corky just managed to pull him to safety. Furious and confused, Len went to see his grandmother. 'Grandma, it's my 21st birthday, so why can't I walk across the lake, like my father, his father, and his father before him?'

Granny looked Len straight in the eyes, and said, 'Because, you idiot, your father, grandfather and great grandfather were born in January, you were born in July.'


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by elly j. 1+ years ago

i now get it after reading the comment. in australia we have summer in january and it doesnt get cold enough for lakes and stuff to freeze so i didnt get it.

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by Julie J. 1+ years ago

If you don't get it, they walked on the water in January, meaning it was most likely cold enough so the water would freeze. All they did was walk on ice.

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