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The gift

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A guy was driving home late one night when he remembered that it was his wedding anniversary. Having bought nothing he urgently searched for any gift to give his wife. He had been driving around quite some time and being late at night he could find nothing open.

He was about to give up when he spotted a person packing up a stall. He rushed over to find that the guy sold bullfrogs. Being in a pinch he decided to buy one and try to think of a romantic reason as to why he would say he bought it, in the car on the way home.

He got it nicely gift wrapped and placed it on the seat next to him. As they started off the frogs arm’s came out of the box, it untied the bow, slipped out of the box into his lap, undid his fly and proceeded to give the man the best blow job of his life. By the time he got home he had, had 3 blow jobs already. As they stopped at his house the frog jumped back into the box and did the bow up.

He took the box into the house and gave it to his wife. His wife opened the box, saw the frog and asked: ”What the hell am I supposed to do with this?”

He said: “Teach it to cook and clean and then you can piss off.”


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: animals, nature men, women, relationships sex, sexuality





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