black people

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there was this black kid at recess one day. well him and 2 of his friends in the 3rd grade were bored. so they started playing the game who has the biggest dick. and the 3 kids was a jew, mexican, and a black. well the jew takes his out and the mexican says oh thats nothing. so the mexican takes his out, and the black says well thats nice but wait till you see this. So he takes his out and both the mexican and jew says omg thats huge. So he goes home that day and his mom asks him what he did in school today, well the black kid says i slept in class, took a test and played a game. So his mom asks him what game. and the black kid says the game was who had the biggest dick. and the black kid says guess what mom i had the biggest dick. And the mom says " I hope so your 21 years old."


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CHX5U_black people

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