Poop Manners And Shut Up

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There once was 3 men 1 named shut up one named poop and another named manners (poop was shut ups son)

Shut up wanted to go boating near the Canadian falls.

They all agreed.

So there they are having a good time Poop wanted to go swimming but he does not know how to... Shut Up frogot to tell him to get a life jacket So poop dive in... they said they will be back in some minutes to get some Salmon Roe to fish as they go back they hear poop screaming "help" From atleast 50 miles away They SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED as fast as they can. A Canadian Ranger stops them. "Your speeding to fast buddy" (points at speed sign) "Sorry I geuss I have to write you down....Whats your name son?" "Shut Up sir" "What!!!?? did you say?!" "I said SHUTUP!" "Im gonna ask you one more time" "Shut Up thats what I keep telling you do you sprekin ze englishe" "OMFG Where is your manners?" "in the kitchen part of the boat hes making octopus today!" "*sigh* why were you speeding then bud?" "OH NO I FROGOT I HAVE TO SAVE MY SINKING POOP!!!!" "Are you drunk?" "I got ago I need to save my poop!" (speaks into radio) "we have a drunk drive on route 56 saying he has to save his poop and his manners are in the kitchen"


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CHVHL_Poop Manners And Shut Up

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