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a couple were in their honey moon and they wanted to make a baby. the wife went to the bathroom to change, she noticed that she had her period. so she took a long time to get out. her husband fell asleep. The next day the wife wasnt there. The husband touched one side of the bed and felt blood. he stood up and he said, "oh my god, I killed my wife". Then the guy saw there was blood all over the hall. he said, "oh my god i killed my wife and then sweep her through the hall". Then he walked and saw himself on the mirror , his face was all covered with blood. he said" goodness i ate my wife, sweep her through the hall, and then i ate her.


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by tre u. 03/18/08 10:27 PM

all my family thinks that is funny

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by katie f. 1+ years ago

goodness i ate my wife, sweep her through the hall, and then i ate her.????? isn't that supposed to be killed

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CHUHK_bloody couple

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