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this chinese guy was walking down the street and he saw this bucket store and he went in and said "can i have a fuck it please" and the clerk said "you mean a bucket" "yea a fuck it" so he's walking down the street again and he sees this gum store and he goes in and says "can i have a piece of bum" "you mean a piece of gum" "yea a peice of bum" so he is walking down the street again and he sees this pet store and he goes in and asks "can i have a cokerspank it please" "you mean a cokerspaniel" "yea a cockerspank it" so hes walking down the street again and his dog runs off to hump a fire hydrant and he sees this girl and asks her "can you hold my bum and fuck it while i go get my cock and spank it "


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by gordon h. 03/18/08 10:32 AM


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by A E. 1+ years ago

can c the punchline comin miles away:(

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CHU9V_funny guy

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