The Chicken and the Horse

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A horse and a chicken lived on a farm. One day, the chicken went out for a walk and fell into a nearby well, and screamed for help.

The horse gallopped over and found the chicken in the well.

"Help! Get me out of here!"

"Stay calm," said the horse. "I'll borrow the farmer's BMW and get you out!"

The horse ran back, and returned to the well a short time later.

The horse said, "I'm afraid I was unable to fit into the BMW. I'll have to find some way to rescue you without it." The horse thought for a moment, then said, "I've got an idea. I'll stand over the well, and you can grab my penis to climb out."

"Okay," said the chicken. The chicken did as instructed and was pulled up to safety.

The moral of this story is: If you're hung like a horse, you don't need a BMW to pick up chicks.


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