Pencil Holder

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by Matiss B. 1+ years ago

oh noes, that pen is raping Bush with big ears... keep up the good work pen...

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by Darvin E. 1+ years ago

Want in the fuck! That is the best thing ever have to get one!!!!! LOL

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by ricky j. 1+ years ago

so you like other peoples wood up the ass dont ya!? dont ya!? perv......

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+1 thumb down thumb up
by kirill o. 1+ years ago

i want 1

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by Destiny Ann d. 1+ years ago

Wife:he uh sat on a pencil doctor bush:holy crap ouch honey... doctor:alright lets begin the surgry *chainsaws* bush:no no wait....OW! doctor:... wife:lol roflmao you gay ass retard

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by jada s. 1+ years ago

It is,if u look at the paper it says W Bush pencil holder.

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by mary c. 1+ years ago

it looks like bush...

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CHTKM_Pencil Holder

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