Poor me

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The other day I was sitting with my friends and I asked them, "Have you ever done anything you regret?" My friend replied, "Yes, I replied to this answer." I said, "answer?" She replied, "yes" She had no clue what happened. The next day she starts yelling at me, " Why are you answering me all these answers, I dont feel like giving you my question!" Well a few weeks later it was her birthday and I asked her what she wants. She said, " a new house" So I went to the empty lot across the street and I found an old doll house and I put it on the lot. She was overjoyed. She would sing,"I HAVE A NEW HOUSE!! ALL TO MYSELF!!!" Well it started to rain so i said lets take this house inside. And to this day she still sleeps in this house.


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by Sammy G. 03/13/08 06:28 PM

It is funny

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by Kristen C. 1+ years ago

it is not funny, you idiot!!

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