The Polish Way

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Two Polish guys are sitting on a bench in the park. All of a sudden, a bum comes up to them and says in a gruff voice, "Hey, I've gotta riddle for you guys." "What is it?" Asks one of them. "What has TWO heads, FOUR arms, FOUR legs and is as dumb as a rock?" The bum asks. The Polish guys look at each other and one of them says "Well, we don't know, what is it?" "YOU AND YOUR FRIEND!" The bum says and walks away. The Polish guys hesitate for a moment in apparent confusion and then start laughing. "Hey, that was such a good riddle the bum told us!" They say "Let's go tell it to someone else!" They looked around in the park and saw two American guys walking. They came up to them, snickering, and anxious to tell that joke to someone. "Hey guys!" "Yeah?" The other guys turn around. "We got a riddle for you two!" "Yeah, what is it?" "What has TWO heads, FOUR arms, FOUR legs and is as dumb as a ROCK?" The other guys think for a moment and then say, "Okay, we give up, what is it?" The Polish guys look at each other, snickering even more, "ME AND MY FRIEND!"


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CHSO_The Polish Way

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