Change the name of Uganda to Idi.

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Foreign ministers sometimes find themselves in very difficult situations. Take the case of the Foreign Minister of Uganda. President Idi Amin told him that he wanted to change the name of Uganda to Idi. The minister was asked to canvas world opinion and return in two weeks. He did not do so. He was summoned and asked to explain. He said: "Mr. President, I have been informed that there is a country called Cyprus. Its citizens are called Cypriots, if we change the name of our country to 'Idi' our citizens would be called... Idiots".


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by Mitchell D. 1+ years ago

after "Its citizens are called Cypriots" if you just put ... there and left the rest for the reader to figure out I think it would actually be a bit funnier. Pointing out the whole idi idiots thing kinda has the effect of explaining a joke to someone who didn't get it. It just isn't as funny.

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CHR2L_Change the name of Uganda to Idi.

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