The doctor and the leprachaun ALTERNATE ENDING 2 !!!!!!!!!

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Once upon a time there was this straight leprachaunse and he was needing a surgery because he broke hissss arm, so one day he went to the doctor and got his arms fixed, the doctor put in this tracking device so he could catch the Leprachaun anytime he wanted and get another pot of gold... So the first day the doctor caught him the leprachaun was surprised and kindly handed him a pot of gold, the second day the leprachaun was unhappy but still handed him gold, the next time the doctor caught the leprachaun and asked for gold

the leprachaun replied "no can do" "What the hell cried the doctor!" "Well everyone knows when you catch a leprchaun you get a pot of gold" said the leprachaun, no one ever intends to catch one twice "Correct" agreed the doctor... "But few know it costs you a testicle when you catch a leprachaun!"


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by Joey J. 03/08/08 07:35 PM

Seriously guys.... you owe me big time.... you're lucky to have had one doctor and the leprachaun... but freaking 2 ALTERNATE ENDINGS! Man I'm awesome..... you can thank me later vote a 10 please :)

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CHQHG_The doctor and the leprachaun ALTERNATE ENDING 2 !!!!!!!!!

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