Yo Momma

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Yo momma is so fat she got baptised at seaworld

yo momma is so fat she stepped on my cats tail now we call him beaver

yo momma is so poor she eats cerial with a fork to save milk

yo momma is so old she still owes jesus rent money

yo momma is so stupid she sold her car for petrol money

yo momma is so stupid she broke her legs sweeping leaves .. she fell out a tree

yo momma is so fat she needs a map to find her asshole

yo momma is so i had sex with her and burnt my ass on the lightbulb

yo momma is so old she sat behind jesus in the first grade

yo momma is so fat your dad has been married to her for 35 years and still hasent found the other side of her

yo momma glasses are so thick, when she looks at a map, she can see people waving!

yo momma is fat i had sex with her last night, rolled over twice and was still on the fat bitch.

your momma is like a bus stinks, sweaty and only £1.00 to ride


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