how to get thrown out of a superstore

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#10 throw balls across the aisles. #9 go to the toy aisle pick up a light saber and ask people if they want to fight #8 when employees go over the intercom scream "the voices" and lay on the ground #7 put random objects into peoles carts (dont get caught) # 6 get three gallons of milk or some kind of liquid fall, and after they all break open, run away. # 5 let the lobsters go if you can # 4 go up to people and start dancing with them # 3 ask a worker where they keep the rope, razor blades, and black hair dye # 2 find the phones go over the intercom and say random things like xbox 75% off (the code is # 96) # 1 say that you have lost your parent and tell them there name is debbie blowmen


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by ari h. 03/02/08 02:33 PM

Dont get caught

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CHOIF_how to get thrown out of a superstore

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