The Bus Story

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This is a true story that happened my freshman year of high school to my friend Garret McHugh.

Garret, our friend Jack Lawrence and I all rode the bus our freshman year. One day, Jack fell asleep on the bus, we didn't realize it because he sat in the back of the bus everyday for annoying the hell out of our bus driver.

Anyway, as we got to the school, we got off the bus, and waited for Jack to come off the bus, as always. We got to talking to a few of our friends when we realized Jack wasn't with us and the bus was pulling out. Garret paniced and before he knew what he was saying he ran after the bus yelling "Hey! Let my friend Jack off!"

He became one of the most popular kids in school that day.


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by tessa p. 1+ years ago

haah yeah it took me a second too btu that was funny

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by alexis p. 1+ years ago

took me a second to get that :D but extremly funny

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