not the elephant!

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ok there was a guy that went to a adult summer came so he decided to go explore in the wood well he was not suppost to cuase there was lions tigers and bears. well he was walking all of a sudden a elephant came out of the bushes and it had a big huge chunk of wood in its foot and the elephant looked in hes eyes and he looked in the elephants eyes and pulled the splinter out and the elephant picked the guy up and hugged him and dropped him and ran away

5 years later... him and his friend are at the zoo and there were looking at the zebras and they moved on to the elephants and the guy said to his friend thats the same elephant 5 years ago i saw at the summer camp his friend said are you sure? the guy said yes! so... hopped in the pen itch he was not supposed to and went up to the elephant and he looked in the elephants eyes and the elephant look in his eyes and the elephant picked him up and ............... FLUNG HIM 5,000 FEET BEFORE HIS DEATH the friend said i guess that was no the elephant.


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by grace d. 02/22/08 06:34 PM

a guy who mis took an elephant at the zoo very funny lol

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by Abigail S. 1+ years ago

First of all,you stole this.Second of all,I'm probally going to guess half the people who read it didn't know how to read it.

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CHLYS_not the elephant!

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