Um Gwalla Gwalla

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A politician visits an Indian reservation to make a campaign speech. He tells the crowd, "If I am elected, I will answer only to the people, and not the special interests!"

The crowd responds with a loud, enthusiastic call of "Um gwalla gwalla!"

Presuming the phrase to be some sort of Indian cheer, the politician continues. "I will clean up our cities, and be tough on crime!"

The crowd again shouts "Um gwalla gwalla!"

The politician then says, "I have a plan to balance the budget without raising taxes!"

Once again, the crowd shouts, "Um gwalla gwalla!"

Later, the tribe's chief gives the politician a tour of the reservation. The politician notices a large fenced-in field and asks, "What's this?"

The chief replies, "This is where we keep all our bulls."

The politician walks over to the gate. The chief warns him, "Be careful, sir. If you intend to enter the field, I suggest you watch where you're walking so you don't step in any um gwalla gwalla."


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