What to do with one million dollars?

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What will you do if you had one million dollars?

Buy a car, a house, a little loving?

If i had a millions dollars i'll first go to the bank and exchange it for 100 millions cents and then carry it to my house and fill my room with the money. after that I'll jump in the money and roll all over it for few hours, then i gonna start jumping and diving in it for about 3 hours. And for the few next month I'll eat , pee, poo, and breath with my 1 one million dollars.

Then untill February when they want to collet tax they will come look for me, (i don't have any friends because i am creepy plus nobody calls me or talk to me) they will try to catch me. They cops will feel weird chasing a naked guy in his mid thirties that is throwing coins at them so they leave. I'll spend the night building a coin castle and hide in it till the FBI comes and shoot my with some drugs and I'll wake up a week later in a PSYCHO establishment .

I got out two years later but then i got AIDS by a hobo in the streets. I hope they found the cure for AIDS, they say the were short on a millions dollars for recherches but who has a millions dollars!

That what i am gonna do with a millions dollars, man i hope we find the cure for AIDS ......I got a little problem with that !


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