Yo Momma

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Yo Momma so fat she can sit on a rainbow and make a box of crayolas. Yo Momma so ugly she can stand next to Micheal Jackson and make him look good. Yo Momma so fat she can stand in front of Respusia and make her unnoticeable. Yo Momma so fat everytime she have a child she grow a titty on her back she got 5 right now. Yo Momma so poor she can't afford to use a vowel. Yo Momma so fat she can sit on a pig and make little piggys. Yo Momma so fat she went to Wieght Watchers and they said she was over qualified. Yo Momma so ugly she went to heaven God sent her back to earth he didn;t know what to do with her. Yo Momma so country she got in an elevator and thought it was a mobile home. Yo Momma so fat she can sit on the Moon and make Moonpies. Yo Momma so fat she can sit on a tree and make a pack of paper, pencils, and wooden chairs for the homeless. Yo Momma so ugly they use her in Romantic movies to make the actors cry. Yo Momma so uglay she wake the dead with just one look.


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